Massage Services

All of our massages begin with a consultation to ensure your areas of concern are completely addressed. Our massages are customized throughout each treatment accommodating your particular needs by varying depth, pressure and techniques while relieving stress, pain, and areas of tension creating a feeling of overall well-being.

Therapeutic Full Body 50 minutes $75
Therapeutic Full Body 80 minutes $100
Therapeutic Full Body 110 minutes $135
Hot Stone 80 minutes $130
Hot Stone 110 minutes $170
Pregnancy Massage 50 minutes $85
Pregnancy Massage 80 minutes $130
Foot Reflexology* 25 minutes $45
Foot Reflexology* 50 minutes $70
Reiki** 25 minutes $50
Reiki** 50 minutes $75
Massage and Reiki Duo with Balancing Aromatherapy 80 Minutes $125

*Foot Reflexology
A holistic treatment, centuries old to treat the whole person body, mind and spirit and to induce state of relaxation all by triggering reflex points located on the bottom of the feet. This is a standalone treatment or may be incorporated with any massage or body treatment.

A very specific Japanese technique of energy healing developed in 1922. Hands are placed either just above or lightly touching the body using energy from the giver to promote relaxation and health.